Release notes

Release 2.X.Y series

This release series is targeted to DAS production stability and quality.

Release 1.X.Y series

Release 0.9.X series

Release 0.8.X series

Release 0.7.X series

This release series is targeted to DAS usability. We collected users requests in terms of DAS functionality and usability. All changes made towards making DAS easy to use for end-users.

Release 0.6.X series

This release series is targeted towards DAS production version. We switched from implicit to explicit data retrieval model; removed DAS cache server and re-design DAS web server; add multitasking support.

Release 0.5.X series

This release series is targeted to DAS stability. We redesigned DAS-QL parser to be based on PLY framework; re-write DAS analytics; add benchmarking tools; performed stress tests and code audit DAS servers.

Release 0.4.X series

The most significant part of this release is new plug-and-play mechanism to add new data-services. This is done via data-service map creation. Each map is represented data-service URI (URL, input parameters, API, etc.).

Release V03 series

Major change in this release was a separation of DAS cache into independent cache and merge DB collection. The das.cache collection stores raw API results, while das.merge keeps only merged records.

Release V02 series

This release series is based on MongoDB. After a long evaluation of different technologies, we made a choice in favor of MongoDB.

Release V01 series

Evalutaion series. During this release cycle we played with the following technologies:

At that time DAS QL was based on DBS-QL syntax. During this release series we added DAS cache/web servers; made CLI interface.