DAS logging DB

The DAS logging DB holds information about all requests made to DAS. All records are stored in a capped collection of MongoDB. Capped collections are fixed sized collections that have a very high performance auto-LRU age-out feature (age out is based on insertion order) and maintain insertion order for the objects in the collection.

Logging DB records

{"args": {"query": "site=T1_CH_CERN"},
 "qhash": "7c8ba62a07ff2820c217ae3b51686383", "ip": "",
 "hostname": "", "port": 65238,
 "headers": {"Remote-Addr": "", "Accept-Encoding": "identity",
             "Host": "localhost:8211", "Accept": "application/json",
             "User-Agent": "Python-urllib/2.6", "Connection": "close"},
 "timestamp": 1263488174.364929,
 "path": "/status", "_id": "4b4f4caee2194e72ae000003", "method": "GET"}