DAS and KWS maps

DAS relies on its maps to understand underlying data-services. The DAS tree contains set of YML files located at services/{cms_maps,maps} areas. These YML files contain information about underlying data-service APIs.

In order to generate DAS and KWS maps we provide series of tools which we’ll describe here.

Create DAS and KWS maps

DAS and KWS maps can be generated via das_create_json_maps and das_create_kws_maps, respectively. KWS maps are generated via series of DAS queries (please adjust script itself if you need to change KWS coverage).

All maps will be stored in associated JS (JavaScript) files defined in aforementioned scripts. These files can be uploaded to github.com/dmwm/DASMaps repository and/or used to upload them into MongoDB.

Validate DAS and KWS maps

It is important to validate DAS and KWS maps since they have pre-defined structure. Moreover each map stores a hash of the map itself which is checked during validation. To perform validation please use das_js_validate script.

Import DAS and KWS maps

DAS and KWS maps need to be imported into MongoDB. This can be done via das_js_import script which accept location of DAS maps on local filesystem.

Fetch DAS and KWS maps

DAS maps can be fetched from github.com/dmwm/DASMaps repository via das_js_fetch script. These maps are good to go and uploaded to this repository by developers.