DAS is written in python and relies on standard python modules. The design back-end is MongoDB, which provides schema-less storage and a generic query language.

DAS depends on the following software:

To install MongoDB visit [Mongodb] (make its bin directory available in your path). To install libcurl library visit [CURL]. To install YUI library, visit Yahoo developer web site [YUI] and install version 2 of their yui library.

To install python dependencies it is easier to use standard python installer pip (see above).

Dependencies in the CMS Environment

Below you can see current set of dependencies for DAS within the CMS environment:


The wmcore and wmcore-webtools modules are a CMS general purpose web framework based on CherryPy. It is possible to run DAS both within this framework and in an entirely standalone version using only CherryPy.

Below we list all dependencies clarifying their role for DAS