Quick installation with pip and virtualenv

Basically on a Debian-like system you may just copy&paste all the commands below into a bash.

# get or install virtualenv, see
# easiest is through apt-get or "pip install virtualenv" if available
sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

# create virtual env
virtualenv dasenv # will use dir "dasenv"

# activate the virtualenv -- has to be run in every new shell
source dasenv/bin/activate

# get DAS source code
git clone git://
cd DAS

# install dependencies
export PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY=gnutls  # depending on your distro try: openssl or gnutls
pip install -r requirements_freezed.txt
python -m nltk.downloader -e words stopwords wordnet

# you also need to connect to or install a MongoDB server, e.g.
sudo apt-get install mongodb-server
# set MongoDB port to 8230 in /etc/mongodb.conf or change dasconfig
# sed -i -e 's/8230/27017/g'  etc/das.cfg
# sed -i -e 's/8230/27017/g'  bin/das_db_import

# install DAS
python install
source ./

# initialize database with (default) service mappings
das_create_json_maps src/python/DAS/services/maps
das_update_database src/python/DAS/services/maps/das_maps_dbs_prod.js

# download YUI (the location is set in
(curl -o -L && \
 unzip && mkdir -p  $YUI_ROOT && cp -R yui/* $YUI_ROOT/ )

# run the tests
source ./
touch /tmp/x509up_u$UID  # or use grid-proxy-init if you require certs...
python test

# finally start das server
# P.S. don't forget "source dasenv/bin/activate" when restarting in a new shell
source ./
bash das_server start
# Finally you can access it at: http://localhost:8212/das/

If, while running tests or starting DAS, you experience problems like “pycurl: libcurl link-time ssl backend (gnutls) is different from compile-time ssl backend (openssl)”, try reinstalling (pycurl) using a different PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY, e.g.:

pip uninstall pycurl && pip install -r requirements_freezed.txt

For more details continue reading below.

Source code

DAS source code is freely available from [DAS] github repository. To install it on your system you need to use git which can be found from [GIT] web site.